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THE '30

Castroni born in 1932, when founder Umberto Castroni sells the family "kiosk" and buy the shop of 1000 sq.m. in Via Cola di Rienzo continuing to sell drinks and juices and inserting colonial items.


THE '40

Is the year of the war, and you have to adapt to the market demands specialties ..: chicory coffee! They begin to have contact with other countries, peoples and customs.


THE '50

Start to enter in the company all six Castroni brothers, four females (very important in the history of Castroni) and 2 males. The youngest Marcello manifests a very talented commercial business and scale the family hierarchy. Meanwhile, in 1955 opened its second store Castroni and the family begins to divide, but only commercially. The unit is 'and will be' in fact one of the secrets of success.


THE '60

The brothers grow up and also the number of stores that became six. One to the head. Marcello stays in the historic Via Cola di Rienzo and and have great intuition to include international items, at the request of embassies and consulates.


THE '70

Born roasting Augusta, the name of the mother, company in common with all the brothers, toasting the secret mixture Caffe Bar. It's the decade of strong growth of image and popularity. Marcello's children join the company and bring a burst of freshness and positivity. The ethnic products become a very important market, driven by the movement of Roma tourists. He turns the world searching for updates and delicacies.


THE '80

Castroni acquire new space and the store increases up to 2000 sq. m. starting to become a gastronomic reference. 


THE '90 -2000

New acquisition of 2000 sq. m., which brings the total area to 4000 sq. m. . In the other Castroni, is manifested in proportio the same growth, and the third generation is all in stores!



Enter the fourth generation and open more stores, FRATTINA and MARCONI, now are 13. But remains the same spirit family, united even if large. Because the values of the founders, continue to be transmitted to the new generazioni. By tradition, in every Castroni store there is always a member of family. As the founder Umberto said: WATCHING ME YOU WILL ALWAYS UNITED.